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Born in Sallent (Barcelona) in 1973. He is an eclectic artist, pianist and composer, who seeks inspiration in all forms of art creating a particular and effective language. His shows breathe freshness, elegance and know-how through all his pores. Through his music, images and interpretations, he submerges the spectator in the pure emotion of a journey full of magic, tenderness and poetry.

When does your interest in art in general and music in particular begin?

Art, and in particular the performing arts, is something that has accompanied me all my life. I discovered music when I was 5 years old, when my parents made the great decision to enrol me in the music school of my village. From this moment, I have never stopped focusing my life from this point of view, I feel that music and performing arts are an indissoluble part of my life. I don't remember taking the decision to dedicate myself to this, I believe that everything has flowed and continues to flow naturally. For better or worse, I have the absolute conviction that I was born to explore creativity and show it to the world.

How did you come up with the brilliant idea of raising a piano to 8 meters high? And what does this innovative proposal mean to you?

After many years collaborating in shows signed by internationally renowned artists, composing and in many cases playing live the soundtracks of their works, in 2008 I decided to start my own artistic company and create my first solo show "FLOTEN TECLES". I was looking for something shocking, original and poetic. I have always associated images with music and music with images. The idea of the aerial piano arose in a brain storming with the creative team, at first it seemed crazy, but with a lot of work and above all with a lot of enthusiasm, we managed to make this dream come true. We united the spectacular, music, images, and theatrical actions with an extremely magical result.

What possibilities do you think this show offers when it comes to find a solution to the artistic and emotional part of a marketing action such as an event?

A cloud, a theatre or a piano? A kaleidoscope of images or a cinema screen? A concert? a soundtrack? or visual music? The aerial piano is all this and much more. A 100% adaptable format. (music, images, texts, actions, etc...). We start from the fact that the visual impact of the piano suspended 8 metres from the floor in an upright position is very powerful. Even more so when you see the pianist playing live, hanging at that height. In the events, the aim is to enhance the brand that is presented and this format fits absolutely with this premise: innovation, originality and spectacular. The music, as the language of the show, has the ability to touch our souls, enhancing the product we want to present. A good soundtrack surrounds and traps us, transporting us to Unique Universes - a unique show in the world!

The Air Piano is an unprecedent form of art, with which you have participated in important national and international events such as the inauguration of the Ulicnih Sviraca Festival in Novi Sad (Serbia), Esplanade Festival in Singapore, the closing of the XIII edition of the FÀCYL International Arts Festival or the closing of the Latin American Forum 2018. Which of them would you highlight and why?

Since we created the magical world of the aerial piano, we have been lucky enough to travel to 28 countries. We have been present in the most important programmes and events in the world. Even today we are still surprised by the reaction of the public, with their glances of emotion we feel that we manage to surprise and thrill in each event we present and this fills us with energy and illusion to continue creating magical universes adapted to each singularity. All the events we live with great illusion, we feel that from the smallest to the largest deserve to be cared for, pampered and treated as unique. This is our engine, this is the key to the success of the aerial piano. I couldn't emphasise any of them over another, each one is a creature that we have made grow with a lot of illusion, all of them are the most important, all of them are unique.

It is a show that has evolved and on which you have reinvented versions such as the Christmas show in which the piano appears hanging like a Christmas star on a giant tree or, as in the last year, combining the show with aerial dance together with Cristina Calleja. Do you have anything in mind for next year?

We like to evolve constantly. In fact, it is inevitable, creativity is the engine of our lives. We are excited by challenges, finding new lines of work, new forms of expression. Starting from scratch imagining new worlds to get to mimic the idea that defines the recipient of the proposal. This year we have opened a new show with Cristina Calleja, a multidisciplinary artist with an impressive career. Her art, her ability to move, her technique and her sweetness have managed to take the proposal a step further. Two creative madmen united by and for art - there's no stopping this! Next year is full of big and exciting projects. We are already immersed in the creation and production of several tailor-made shows, commissioned by large festivals and programmes, some of them designed for 20,000 people. All this combined with the search and experimentation of new innovative formats to continue surprising and exciting.

And finally, and you can only answer me with one word, if I say "Creartys" What are you thinking?