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A new art of the XXI Century

Frodo Álvarez was born in Oviedo (Asturias), passionate about photography and urban art, tells us why for eight years he has dedicated all his time as a light painter, a profession completely avant-garde.

What is light painting and how did you discover it?

For me "light painting" is a form of expression, it is art. Light painters work in maximum darkness, using a camera and a tripod we take snapshots based on long exposures during which different light sources such as small flashlights, cathodes, led strips, flares, pyrotechnics, etc. Become our brushes and pigments, to create our work.

I discovered it in 2009 through an article published in the magazine "Very interesting" starring two well-known French artists and pioneers in this new technique.

What does this innovative technique mean to you?

I was shocked to discover an art that brought together two disciplines, photography and graffiti, which had always attracted me a lot, but separately they did not completely hook me, I was missing something. However, together they became my vocation ... "Light painting" means my artistic awakening. It makes me live, it allows me to express my creativity both here in Spain and in different parts of the world that I have been fortunate to visit.

What possibilities does it offer to resolve the artistic / emotional part of a marketing action, such as an event?

It is an innovative discipline, very versatile and applicable to any marketing action that you want to carry out. In an event, it offers endless possibilities, from a completely different photocall to what we are accustomed to, an exclusive and author artistic photocall with live light recreations that complete the guest's room and that can be personalised according to the theme Of the event, or a participatory action (Team Building) in which the guests become the architects of the piece of light, or until the last novelty, a live show on stage in which the public enjoys in real time the Creations based on a story / content.

Since light painting is a very recent art form, we know that you have been able to perform many important events such as the International Congress of light painting in the City of Oviedo, corporate event for Ooredoo in Kuwait or the 2017 Camel Festival in Arabia Saudí Out of them all which would you highlight and why?

I believe that each project is unique and could highlight something special of each event in which I participated. The International Congress of Light Art in the City of Oviedo is one of my great projects, it represents the materialisation of a desire and illusion, being the first Congress of this type that has been carried out. A high impact event that brought together renowned international artists, with many hundreds of curious fans who came to discover this new art form. We organise interesting lectures and activities, among which we highlight the realisation of a giant light image that covers the whole square of the cathedral in which more than 1000 people participated. As the responsible person for it, I am proud of the success achieved.

The Oredoo Event in Kuwait represents an internationally successful experience with corporate and personalised photocall for a major telecommunications company.

And Camel Festival 2017, the most recent and also important because we premiered the first show Light Art, a live show on stage that received great ovation from the public.

What projects are you currently working on?

Fortunately, I am working on numerous projects, among them, recently we have released a video clip in "slow motion" format in collaboration with the artist Sfhir, we have also realised a giant lightman (81.78 meters in length), inspired by Gulliver´s travels the greatest lightman ever made and we have presented Light Art at the Eventplus 2017 Gala.


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