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We had a chat with Royal Led Mirror, who performed for the Gala’s grand finale. A sparkly show full of light, laser effects and coloured LED lights, bringing maximum energy on stage. Stunning costumes made of hundreds of miniature mirrors and carefully detailed staging make this artistic proposal one of the most striking of the moment.

When did your vocation for dance and show begin? What were your main sources of inspiration? And how did you come up with a show that combines mirrors and LEDs?

We have been involved in dance and entertainment since 2004. Previously, although dance had been part of our lives to some extent, we all used to work in the main fire station in Moscow. After a time of reflection and brainstorming, we decided to turn our professional life around and left the fire station to create Royal Led Mirror, a show based on LED effects. Our main source of inspiration is the audience: when we create, we always think about producing the WOW factor. We were clear about the LED and laser effects, but the idea of mirror-covered costumes came up when we discovered the beauty of a laser reflected in a mirror. From this moment on, the entire development of the show started revolving around this idea.

Can you explain in short the key to the show? Why is it so eye-catching and novel?

The show stars three futuristic fantasy beings who come to deliver a message of light to the public and a fourth being who tries to prevent it but in the end, who understands the importance of the mission and ends up joining it. The show involves several lines of very thorough work. Starting with the costumes, since each mirror must be perfectly aligned and positioned so that the LED programming comes out as planned by our technician and, of course, with painstaking rehearsals so that all the hard work, so to speak, ‘shines’ on stage. This teamwork’s aim is to offer something very powerful to the audience. We believe that taking care of every detail is undoubtedly the key.

What possibilities are there to resolve the artistic / emotional part of a marketing action, such as an event, and to what extent is it customizable?

It is a show that can be applied to the official opening or closing of an event. It can be customized to include the appearance of a logo or word at the end of the show for example. We can even offer a close-up performance, during which we would be wandering among the guests for a photo moment, whether in a real or improvised photocall. We have experience working for festivals, product presentations, sporting events, concerts, gala dinners, tributes, shopping centers, etc.

You have performed at different brand events around the world, is there an event that you would specifically like to participate in and why?

We are grateful for the work we have done and we have pending, mainly in corporate and private events. And although we continue to work at this level, something that would really be exciting for us would be to take the next step and create a longer-lasting LED show for all audiences.

Olesya, what does it mean for you to be part of the show?

This is my childhood dream come true. I grew up in the Soviet Union when the iron curtain was present. One day, watching television, I told my mother: "When I grow up, I will act all over the world!" And so, I've put everything on my side to make it happen.

What projects do you have in the near future?

We are preparing a new Light Show, which we plan to present in December; dunk, dunk, dunk!


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