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Sfhir is an urban international artist known by his versatility, dynamism, spontaneity and perfectionism, filling his artworks with unique character and freshness. He tells us how, when and why the art is the ideal way of expressing his curiosity.

When did your art vocation start and who were references?

To be honest, I couldn’t say when my art vocation started as since I was very little I drew in all of the margins of my notebooks and on my school table. After, I studied computing and I even started a company but, even though I had success, I decided to dedicate myself to what I really love and I left everything for art 12 years ago.

Urban art with different spray, sculpture and airbrush techniques, laser light? Can you tell us briefly why and how did it occur to you start painting with light and laser?

Well, I think that it is a characteristic of my style, that I don’t have a defined style, although people may have recognised me by some of the features of my work I always like doing different things. I always try to experiment, not only new aesthetics but also new techniques. Around 10 years ago I got to know photoluminescent materials and I got mesmerized by them since they represent a new whole world of possibilities, very few people in the world had tried the technique and I had the idea of introducing a new twist. I created my own tools and I introduced music to the performance. Another example of technical innovation was when I discovered the light painting, I quickly wanted to make it my own and make huge production that had never been done in the world. We then managed to make the big Chinese work or the Guinness Lyman record, the biggest in the world.

Recently you started travelling again to the Middle East with Creartys, specifically to Qater with more than a dozen artists. How was this experience?

It’s been an amazing experience, when you meet people with other talents but the same passion there is always a great connexion. From this trip I came back with new friends and with the feeling that I have entered into a kind of family.

Since your inception you have created several varied works more or less complex, static and ephemeral connected to different areas, social, corporate, literacy… is there any specific theme that you would like to cover?

I use a sentence that defines me very well which is: “I only know that I cannot stop”.

I love achieving new goals, if the biggest building that I have painted is of 6 floors after finishing I am already wishing to paint one of twelve floors, or for example, the biggest wall painting that I have done a few months ago can be seen from Google Maps and is 3.200 meters square. So, I am dreaming of doing another one of 6.000.

We are fortunate of enjoying your art as well in the events sector: MEEU, Equate (Kuwait), Dom Perignon, Casa natal de Cervantes… What do they mean to you?

Being able to make a living doing what I enjoy is a privilege… However, I am more comfortable when I create freely without guidelines, whatever the context is.

Could you advance some details about the projects on which you are working now?

Last February 21st I presented the collection “Urbanity” one of the most important urban art fairs, coinciding with 37th edition of ARCO. For the following months I have confirmed projects in Kuwait, Bahrein, Belgium, Murcia and Salamanca.


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